Single Blonde Failure

We’re all a little guilty of doing some self-editing on social media. We post the best, and crop out the rest. The new webseries Single Blonde Failure follows aspiring social media star Carly Hanson (30, Gwyneth Paltrow taste, Orphan Annie budget) as she takes “fake it til you make it” from mantra to job description. The series pulls back the curtain on all the effort it takes to maintain an effortlessly chic image online and all the ingenuity and indignity Carly needs to succeed in the age of the social media influencer.

Single Blonde Failure is co-created and co-written by Carly Ann Filbin and Bobby Hankinson.

Episode 1: #Fashion

Episode 2: #HugAGyno

Episode 3: #MakeUp

Episode 4: #Pizza

Episode 5: #Shopping

Episode 6: #Fitness

Episode 7: #Datenight